Saba Trust’s Timely Relief Efforts in Mansehra
By M. Junaid Swati

Soon after October 8th, relief workers of the Saba Trust rushed to the devastated areas and all the workers remained busy right from October 9th to date in providing food, shelter and medical assistance to the survivors of the quake . Although some of Saba Trust workers and volunteers were not fully trained for the task but they have been working in difficult conditions with courage and conviction. In my opinion Saba Trust Mujahadeen have really done a remarkable job; the fact is that when I look around and visit different devastated areas and talk to the victims who are well I am convinced of the good work of the Saba workers.
Those who need some treatment and others whoare badly injured have been duly supported and extended help. Each and every one of them has great praise for the Saba Trust team. All Trust workers have done the job professionally with great courtesy and devotion. They have all praised Saba Trust. Journalists of the area are also working with Saba Trust for guidance and information, and have given long hours and worked, at times, for many days at stretch .
During a press conference at Mansehra a very far flung area of Mansehra was identified by a journalist where Saba Trust workers were active, a place which one found very hard to reach even under normal circumstances
Saba Trust Manager, Malik Salahuddin and two local persons drove to Kala Dhaka (Mansehra). The road from Mansehra city uptil Oogi (60 Km from Mansehra) was OK, but the road ahead from Darban (35 km from Oogi) to Dandaar (a village of Kala Dhaka) was tortuous and difficult terrain. After negotiating hairpin bends and steep gradient for a few miles they reached Dandaar village.
“I am nothing but a living dead, who is dependant on others. Instead of being so disabled, it would have been better if I had died like thousands of others,” says Zarina Bibi, 60, lying outside her devastated house. What will happen to thousand of lives? If we do not provide relief till the time, the snow would fall in late Novembe. On one of the many concussions to the outlying areas of Kala Dhaka we reach Shagai village, the tragedy and uncertainty of life could not be more poignantly demonstrated than by this event, and highlights the dangers that stare one in the face. A lot many more houses were destroyed and we saw many more needing repair and help and needing them badly. This realization created a strong sense of helpless ness and stress.
We knew that village Dore Mera was just around Shagai, where we left our vehicles at some distance. It was very hard to circumvent this inconvenience but we never stopped and we found the path that went up to the village Dore Maira. Here the situation was really precarious - children and women - with severe wounds were lying unattended. Some of them were just waiting for death. “Allah, how merciful you are, you have sent angles! Yes, they surely will help us,” said Rehmana Gul, 30, on seeing members of the Saba Trust team. The members of the team were on their toes and extended help to other villages like Suddo Khan, Pernooli.
Its very painful exercise to cover a disaster of this magnitude. It needs a lot of effort - financial, physical and emotional - much more than what is required to cover a war.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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