Fundraiser for Steve Westly
By Naushad Sarwar

Dr. Khalid Ahmed and Steve Westly

Above: Steve Westly and his

“With both BA and an MBA from Stanford University, member of more than 50

boards and commissions – including the Franchise Tax Board, the Board of Equalization, the State Lands Commissions - and a person who is the State Controller of California and has served as the Chief Financial Officer of the fifth largest economy in the world, Mr. Westly will be the toughest opponent for Gov. Schwarzenegger in 2006,” Dr. Khalid Ahmed, observed at a fundraiser for Mr. Steve Westly held at his residence on Thursday, December 8, 2005.
A large number of medical doctors and people related to the healthcare sector were present on the occasion. It was a working day yet the number of those who had come to attend the function testified to the fact that Mr Westly’s candidature for Governorship enjoys endorsement.
Dr. And Mrs. Ahmed welcomed the guests who were convinced that Mr. Westly would fight for people awaiting healthcare and who were strongly supportive of stem cell research.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Steve Westly told the attendees how important the health care issue figures in our life. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s budget cuts would affect the health of the common people. “More than 100 million Americans are suffering from disease like Parkinson’s, diabetes, AIDS, cancer, and Alzheimer’s – stem cell therapies might be the answer and cure for them but tendentious politicians are blocking funding for stem cell research,” he stated. He appreciated efforts of local small business that are the main taxpayers in the country, especially immigrant groups who work hard for their living.

Answering questions, he promised better health care propositions by eliminating middleman from the system, basic health care for everyone including 30% of uninsured Americans, plus a better school system for kids that caters to 40% of Latino and African-American dropouts.


Guests at the fundraiser

Since his election in 2002, Westly has dedicated himself to finding solutions to California’s problems by putting politics aside and focusing on results. Notably, as Chairman of the Franchise Tax Board, Westly spearheaded an initiative that raised $4.5 billion to pay for state services like schools, roads and parks without raising a nickel in taxes.
As Controller, Westly is the State’s independent fiscal watchdog, making sure taxpayer dollars are spent to benefit the taxpayers – and no one else.
The fundraiser was a complete success.



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