Library of Pakistan on the Hill

PAL-C’s Board of Directors has decided to initiate a new project “Library of Pakistan on the Hill”. This project will be an excellent long-term venture for PAL-C, the Congressional Pakistan Caucus and the Pakistani-American community. The purpose of the “Library of Pakistan on the Hill” is to procure a unique collection of books on Pakistan, which will be available to the Members of Congress, their staff as well as the larger community.
The “Library of Pakistan on the Hill” will have the most up to date literature available on Pakistan in subjects ranging from Political Science, History, Geography, Economics to Literature.
PAL-C director, Mr. Rehman Jinnah from California has generously contributed the seed money to establish the library. With his investment, the Pakistani-American community for the first time will have a complete library specifically on Pakistan.
PAL-C welcomes suggestions, comments and questions regarding the “Library of Pakistan on the Hill”. Mr. Mossadaq Chughtai, the PAL-C director from the DC Area could be contacted at in this regard.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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