Jawad Mesmerizes CPACC Fundraiser Audience
By Naushad Sarwar

Consul General Jadmani
Jawad Ahmed
Arif Mansuri
Pervaiz Lodhie
Organizers of the fundraiser

Literary meetings, art exhibitions, dramas and musical shows have always been part of our social life not only to entertain but also to serve as a means of conveying messages, making statements, and accomplishing community and national goals. Singer Jawwad Ahmed was at the Fullerton Four Point Sheraton on December 9, 2005 for this very purpose – he was the main attraction at a private fund-raising event for victims of the October 8 earthquake.

Sana Khan
Ali Hassan
Sabrina Syed
Habib American Bank officialstiful


The fundraiser was organized by the Council of Pakistan American Chamber of Commerce (CPACC), a Los Angeles-based organization. It was a great success and enjoyed the support of enthusiastic community members who turned up in large numbers to listen to Jawad. The program lasted well beyond midnight and into the early morning hours. There were vivid indications of a well-knit community that had got together to support a noble national effort.

Hussain Rokerya and Faruq Vakil“
Mr. and Mrs. Nasir Javaid
COPAA members

Members of the community who attended the fundraiser

The show was witnessed by prominent members of the community, including Consul General Noor Muhammed Jadmani, Mr Pervaiz Lodhie,Mr Hamid Malik, Mr Shafiq Khan, Dr. Sana Khan, Mr. Ali Hassan,and Mr Abu Bakr Vakil. Dr Sana questioned the donor fatigue argument and said, “Allah Subhanu Ta’alah has put a test upon us through this catastrophe and helping victims will only take you closer to God.” Mr Pervaiz Lodhie also spoke spiritedly and remarked that the earthquake “has brought something unique and beautiful – Pakistanis have come together.” He exhorted the Pakistani-American community to sustain the current spirit of unity and become “part of a long-term solution” of the multifarious problems that have been experienced by the nation in the post-earthquake period.
Man of the night, Jawwad Ahmed, thanked the Los Angeles audience and urged the community to support his housing project costing $500 per house. “Though we have done everything we could but the main course of actions is still missing – and that is providing stable and weatherproof houses to our fellow countrymen,” Jawad remarked.

He also talked briefly about his Taleem for All program. Three hundred million children in Pakistan don’t go to school and there is an urgent need to provide them with basic education facilities, he explained. Jawad also gave a demonstration of his fiberglass-housing project which was highly appreciated and generously supported by the attendees.

Speaking on the occasion Mr Arif Mansuri who ably leads the CPACC, said, “Today, I express thanks to God for all his Blessings.” He also introduced the office bearers of his association.

The fundraiser was a great success, thanks to the personal urgings of Mr Sarfraz Khan to various members of the community.


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