Houston Mayor Appoints Gaddi to MediaSource

Houston: The US Congress guarantees media access to general public in order that they are able to articulate their thoughts, viewpoints and talents to the community at-large. In fact public access is one of the First Amendment’s Medium. As such many large metropolises across USA have public access to TV and Radio channels, which are funded through the local city councils.
In Houston, this Channel is called the Houston MediaSource and gets $800,000 every year to provide equal opportunity to the general public to gain access to the Television Media Warner Cable 17 at a very reasonable fee of between $75 and $150 per year, plus minimal equipment and studios rental payment. The Houston MediaSource has plans to start the Radio Media in the future.
It is a distinction for the Muslim, Pakistani and South Asian communities that prominent media personality Saeed Bashir Gaddi of Rajput Media Services, which airs Sangeet Radio, has been appointed by Mayor Bill White to sit on the Board of this prestigious non-pProfit Houston MediaSource. He is one more person after Mustafa Iqbal Tameez of the same communities to be appointed to this high profile City Board. Remember Mustafa Iqbal Tameez recently managed Mayor White's successful re-election campaign.
Mayor Bill White has been on Sangeet Radio several times and the appointment of Saeed Bashir Gaddi of Rajput Media Services on the esteemed Houston MediaSource Board is an acknowledgement of Mr. Gaddi's long-term positive contribution to the community since the inception of Sangeet Radio in 1997. Sangeet Radio is aired every weekday Monday to Friday between 11AM.-12-Midnight on Houston Radio Frequency AM1560 KILE and can be heard live worldwide at www.sangeetradio.com


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