Congressman Porter Joins the Pakistan Caucus

Congressman Jon Porter, a Republican representing the 3rd district of Nevada, has joined the Congressional Pakistan Caucus to show his support for Pakistani Americans and for the people of Pakistan. Jon C. Porter has made community service a lifetime commitment. He is an experienced community leader who has brought his commonsense approach to Washington D.C. Congressman Porter serves on the House Education and Workforce Committee. Additionally, Congressman Porter serves on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.
In the 109th Congress, Congressman Porter secured a seat on the House Government Reform Committee and became Chairman of the Federal Workforce and Agency Organization Subcommittee. The Government Reform Committee’s primary purpose is to study government activities at all levels, and improve the way our government does business.
Congressman Porter first showed his support to the people of Pakistan by attending the Breakfast Reception on the Day on the Hill, and expressed his concern and deep sympathy with the people of Pakistan.
The Chair of PAL-C’s Caucus Membership Committee, Mr. Rehman Jinnah, attributes the success of the Caucus to its "bi-partisan composition, almost equally Democrat and Republican. The Pakistan Caucus is a means to an extremely important end: to make Pakistan the strongest it can be with widespread support from the US." In the year 2006, as Chair, Mr. Jinnah has committed himself to reach the goal of 100 members of the Congress on the Caucus.


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