PAL-C Introduces Education Project

Among a number of exciting new developments, such as the committees and the Library of Pakistan on the Hill, the PAL-C board has decided to embark upon a long-term project on education in Pakistan. The project rests on a basic goal: to create high quality schools in Pakistan with support from the US Congress.
PAL-C will be the link between the US and Pakistan in facilitating the building of these schools and presenting the idea to members of the Congress. Initially, PAL-C will work with individual members of Congress, specifically from the Pakistan Caucus, and involve them in building schools.
Once the pilot phase has been completed, PAL-C will work on a larger scale using the schools that have been successfully started as an essential component of the presentation to Congress.
“The Education project is currently in its preliminary phase and we welcome any suggestions or comments from the community. A business plan and marketing strategy will be developed over the next 6 months and in the summer PAL-C will start working with specific Members of Congress to move the project forward,” says a PAL_C announcement.



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