PAL-C Announces Committee Chairs

Washington, DC: This month the PAL-C board has voted in three Committee Chairs: First, the Pakistan Caucus Membership Committee of which Director Rehman Jinnah is the chair. Mr. Jinnah has been successfully working with the community to increase membership for the Caucus in a meaningful way and will continue towards the goal of a 100 members by the end of next year.
Director Pervaiz Lodhie was elected to be the Chair of the Outreach Committee, which will focus on working with the Pakistani-American community members in making them aware of PAL-C’s activities and how they can help support it.
For the Fundraising committee, Director Mossadaq Chughtai has been chosen as the Chair to coordinate and facilitate raising funds nationally for PAL-C initiatives and projects.
For the year 2006, these committees will be responsible for increasing membership of the Caucus to 100 members, for making contact in all districts with large Pakistani-American populations, and for fund-raising by increasing regional directorship to 500 directors nationwide.


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