Earthquake Relief in Pakistan
By Saghir Aslam

Mules being used for transporting quake relief goods

(Continued from last week)
Ten days later we had another major planning session and a day to rest.
Saba Trust team invited all its workers and local people to share with them the successes of Saba Trust so far.
Seeking advice Saba Trust planning team asked for every one’s opinion, their advice and at the same time shared with them what Saba Trust team assessment was. What Saba Trust team feels will be the best way to help the really needy people in far flung places, in remote hard to reach villages.
After getting input from the local people, some persons from villages also joined us and also a couple of media people - Fazal E Rabbi and Khalid ur Rahman. We also had a meeting with Syed Sahid Zaheer who is in charge of PTV in the western world. This meeting was really beneficial for Saba Trust, as his input and advice was very valuable. We came up with a resolution to help some specific areas. Furthermore from each area we planned to get the local people to help not voluntarily but on payment basis to get the needed supplies to the farthest and remote villages. They happily agreed to perform the task.
We also authorized them to hire the mules to carry the supplies as no vehicles would go to some of these villages. The mules seemed to be the best mode of transportation of goods and we paid the locals to hire the mules. They know the area and roads very well.
Email question: How many people are on the Saba Trust team?
We received an email from one of you asking how many people are on the Saba Trust team. For most of the time we had 20 people and some days the figure reached up to 51 people on the team. This included all of the wonderful capable local helpers.
Thanks to Allah S.T. 1 ½ month later we have fulfilled our plans. We have covered remote villages,which according to the villagers, no other team had reached. Saba Trust team covered these 70 plus villages and bastees multiple times according to their needs, which was appreciated tremendously.
These remote villagers and quite a few of them over 70 families in far flung places that Saba Trust team has helped are in reality a forgotten people and forgotten villages. As the saying goes out of sight, out of mind. For example on your way to Mahandri on top of the mountain you pass through several villages and it took us 10 hours. That is 10 hours of walking my dear brothers and sisters and yes we did rest for few minutes in each village to regenerate ourselves and recharge our batteries. We were determined to make it in one day and we did. We spent the night there, it was extremely cold. Prior to Saba Trust team people they had not received any help at all. We made arrangements and paid some people to take the needed supplies to them. After several days of the quake they had no tents and it took Saba Trust team a few days as it was very difficult and time consuming. This was the kind of place where local paid helpers were the greatest asset to the team. Saba Trust really appreciates the locals’ cooperation as without their help we could not have done our work. And with Allah S.T.’s blessing we supplied them with whatever they needed.
We made a promise to those people that lliving in the 70 plus villages that inshaAllah we will continue to help them until they could stand on their feet again. This is where we need your help.

All of this will cost money. Here is a golden opportunity for you to:

A. Adopt a family
B. Buy food for them
C. Pay for medicine
D. Help with miscellaneous items.
E. Build a home
Saba Trust team inshaAllah will continue to help these unfortunate forgotten people. We have made a promise and we will keep our promise. You can share with us in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
The Saba Trust team has been working during last 1 ½ months in the remotest villages and has identified different ways of how we all can effectively help and make a big difference in their lives and get them back on their feet.
Sponsor an orphan girl= $95 per month
Sponsor graduate student = $90 per month
Sponsor medical, engineering student =$100 per month
Sponsor family of 5 basic needs =$100 per month
Build a home, a school, a medical clinic etc.

Read the testimonials and decide yourself:
“My name is Fazal-E-Rabi I am general secretary of Dist Mansara journalist union. Even the media did not come to this area. We were looking to the sky for some messiah to come and Allah S.T. heard us. Saba Trust team was the very first to come to help us with tents, razais, blankets, medicine, food and warm clothes. They made several trips and provided us according to our needs. Almost everyone in our area is very grateful to Saba Trust. They came when we were in dire need. They spent time to listen to the people’s needs, comfort them and helped our people immediately.” –Fazal-E-Rabi
“My name is Aysha Shaheen. When the earthquake took place buildings fully collapsed. Mothers were crying for their children. Injured people were crying for help. No one was there to help. Saba Trust team came here first and they have provided us with food and shelter and tents. This team is working under the supervision of Mr. Saghir Aslam who specially came from America to provide shelter and help in each and every aspect of life to restart.” - Aysha Shaheen
“My name is Khalid Rahman. I am a journalist in this area. I live in a village near Bafa and Khulara. We had some other organization visitor who had come, promised us but never gave us anything. Saba Trust name has been engraved in our hearts as they delivered - whatever they promised they immediately bought. Saba Trust has given us everything that we needed. They actually appointed people from our own village to look after us and let Saba Trust know what are the needs of the people. Saba Trust people checked our ID cards make their own list to make sure we only got the needed items one time. They have such a terrific checking system. Not only myself but the entire village is impressed. Saba Trust people are Mujahid. They look for needy people in the far away little unknown villages. It is really remarkable. We all pray for Saba Trust.” – Khalid Rahman. (To be continued)



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