Young Girls to Tsunami Victims' Rescue


Raina Escobar,Noor,Jiyoung Park,Sara Ali

Four little Irvine girls decided it was time to do their share to help the Tsunami victims. So they decided that they would have a Bake Sale and donate the proceeds to a fund for the Tsunami victims.

"Mom, we are going to have a bake sale on Saturday," declared Sara Ali, an energetic fourth grader. Sara's mom encouraged her but was not sure if this noble idea would materialize. The girls created flyers and handed them out to friends and neighbors. They distributed over a hundred flyers.

Then, on the day of the Bake Sale, they called their family and friends urging them to come and support this well-deserving cause. The Bake Sale was to last for three hours from 2 o'clock to five o'clock. Lo and behold! The girls were sold out in two hours! They were able to entice most of the passing vehicles to come and support their cause. When asked what made them do this, Sara Ali remarked, "We did it because we wanted to be compassionate. In school, we had collected coins and bills for compassion and so we wanted to do something more." One supporter commented, "If only the United Nations worked as well as these girls."


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