First Pakistani-American Film to Be Released
By Ras H. Siddiqui

Ras, Craig and Hasan

Night of Henna which will be screened in the US soon

It appears to be much more than a rumor now but the first Pakistani-American film “Night of Henna” made right here in San Francisco, California is to be released at local theatres next month. This project, the brainchild of a Pakistani doctor turned film-maker Hassan Zee, is finally complete, and we have learnt from the good doctor that Pakistan Link is invited to its media premiere on March 2. in San Francisco. The community premiere is scheduled for March 3. and commercial release is expected on March 4 - also in San Francisco.

Pakistan Link will keep its readers informed in the next two weeks as to the time and venue of “Night of Henna” showings. Hassan has informed us that a PG-13 rating is expected for this movie.


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