Muslim Woman Files Discrimination Complaint

Hickory Hills, IL: The Muslim Civil Rights Center (MCRC) has announced that a Chicago Muslim woman of Indian descent filed a religious and national origin discrimination complaint against Chipotle Mexican Grill, a food chain with more than 375 Mexican eateries in about 20 states.

The complaint filed with the Illinois Department of Human Rights and the Chicago Commission on Human Relations, alleges that in August last year, a Chipotle employee grabbed and pushed the Muslim woman twice and refused to serve her on account of her ethnic origin and Muslim apparel. "All customers, regardless of faith or national origin, have the right to be treated equally and feel safe at a place of public accommodation," said MCRC Director Community Affairs Ahmad Tansheet.

"No customers should have to endure this kind of abuse," said Kamran Memon, the woman's attorney. "Employers must ensure that the employees respect religious and ethnic sensitivities of their customers." MCRC, an Islamic civil and human rights group based in Illinois, creates awareness about civil and human rights among American Muslims and facilitates legal assistance to victims of rights violations.


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