Mowahid Urges US to Reform Its Policies

Washington, DC: Mowahid Hussain Shah, Minister/Special Assistant to the Chief Minister of Punjab has said that in "in order to work, reform has to be two-way. If the Muslim world needs to correct its course, Washington, too, needs to reform its policies." He alleged that these policies were "one-sided." He made this observation while speaking at a forum organized by the American University in the nationís capital, Washington, DC. Prof. Akbar S. Ahmed of American University hosted the forum.

The audience included academics, senior military officers, and students. According to Mowahid "many thoughtful Americans" feel that the US policies have "undermined its credibility in the Muslim world." Mowahid Hussain Shah was also critical of what he described as "the ineptness and meekness of the Muslim elites" which he claimed were "equally responsible for not effectively countering the anti-Muslim wave spreading across the West." Mowahid contended that in a globalized world, there is no substitute to dialogue, understanding, and reconciliation "as the path of confrontation has been proven to be the path of destruction."

Mowahid viewed that the aftermath of 9/11, "which directly led to the occupation and then invasion of Iraq, has exposed the folly of force." Answering a question, Mowahid said that "with respect to burning issues like Kashmir, Chechnya, Iraq, and Palestine, the issue is not just lack of information but disinformation." He maintained that "the great untold story is that while all these lands have been occupied, the Muslim peoples have neither been subdued nor conquered." Kashmiri people, he stated, "have put up a heroic resistance against Indian occupation." In response to another question, Mowahid termed the non-resolution of the Palestinian problem as "a great blunder." He urged the American youth "to be more critical of U..policies towards Palestine." Mowahid saluted the vision of Quaid-ie-Azam and Allama Iqbal who had foreseen "the hugeness" of the Palestinian problem 70 years ago.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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