Dr Amanullah Khan Honored Lahore:

There is an urgent need to promote indigenous research to combat the rapidly increasing menace of breast cancer. This was stated by Dr. Amanullah Khan, a renowned oncologist and President Cancer Center Associates, Texas USA in a lecture delivered at the Shamas Auditorium of the University of Health Sciences (UHS), Lahore. Dr. Amanullah emphasized that young women must self-examine them at least once a month to detect any under-skin tumor.

Prayers are offered before the dedication of the hall.Dr.Amanullah Khan is third from left

"Physicians should demonstrate the proper method of self- examination to women", he said. Dr. Amanullah said that a 20-year old girl was identified to have breast cancer, which was unheard of in the West. He opined that pesticides or racial/hereditary factors might be involved in such an early incidence of the disease. There was thus a need to undertake research and gene mapping of the female population of Pakistan, he added. Earlier, Dr. Amanullah unveiled the plaque and inaugurated the UHS examination hall dedicated to him in recognition of his role in facilitating collaboration between the University of Health Sciences, Lahore and the University of Texas, Health Sciences Center, Houston (UTHSC-H). In his welcome address, UHS Vice Chancellor Prof.

Malik Hussain Mubbashar lauded the services of Prof. Amanuallah Khan and called him a true son of the soil. He shed light on different aspects of the agreement between the UHS and UTHSC-H. The UTHSC-H & UHS will promote exchanges by inviting faculty and staff to participate in a variety of teaching and research activities and professional development. They would receive under-graduate and graduate students for study, and organize symposia, conferences, short courses and meetings on research issue, Prof. Mubbashar added. In his address, Prof. Amanuallah praised the idea of establishing a health sciences university in Pakistan. He said that revolutionary changes were taking place in all fields of medical science.

"A small chip is replacing heavy instruments and gadgets in diagnoses of diseases", he added. Prof. Khan said that a new education system was also evolving and there was a need to make it more applied. Prof. Amanullah lauded the services of Prof. Mahmood Ahmad, Chairman Board of Governors' of the UHS, in the promotion of medical education in Pakistan. He congratulated Prof. Mahmood on his successful visit to University of Texas and said the collaboration between the two universities would prove to be very useful. Prof. Mahmood Ahmad presented a shield to Dr. Amanullah on the occasion.


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