Top Democrat Visits Greater Reno

The Asian American Caucus of Northern Nevada invited Senator Harry Reid, the newly elected leader of United States Senate. Senator Reid won the fourth term in 2004 in a landslide victory over his Republic opponent.

Senator Reid with a group of Asian Americans

The Asian community showed up in large numbers. Harry Reid is senior senator from Nevada and has always enjoyed great support of the Asian-American community. The senator took the opportunity to talk to each one of the people present ton the occasion. The Consul General of Bangladesh and his wife and some members of his office also attended the gathering.

The Consul General expressed his satisfaction that both countries Bangladesh and the United States have cooperated with each other in fields of mutual interest to each other in the past and expressed his hope that they will continue to do so in the future also. Senator Reid with his local staff and family members came to the dinner party arranged by the Asian American caucus. It was a lively evening. Asian women were dressed in their colorful native dresses. The party was arranged at India Garden and Indian food was served. He stayed at the party for the whole evening and appreciated the women dressed in their native costumes and enjoyed the I food especially the lassi and tandoori chicken. Mr. Shah Chisti, president of Asian American Caucus of Northern Nevada, introduced the Senator to the audience. Mr. Bagchi Sitadhari, advisor to the caucus, facilitated the whole ceremony.

Mr. Nick Shukla, t secretary of the caucus, read out the impressive biography of the senator and mentioned to the audience that the senator has won elections by a narrow margin and lost by narrow margins He also won elections by landslide. But his character and integrity were never in question and he has never hesitated to take on unpopular issues and has been on the side of the weak and the less fortunate... Senator Reid brought the issue of the great tragedy of unprecedented and epic proportion at the meeting. He asked the Asian community to write a petition to him and to other federally elected officials that the administration should do more by way of offering financial and other help worthy of this great nation.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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