Eid-ul-Adha in Sacramento

A Pakistan Link ReportSacramento: Eid-ul-Adha (or the Eid of Sacrificecalled “Barka Eid”) prayers were held at a number oflocal mosques in Sacramento, California on Friday,January 21, 2005. Two venues were visited by PakistanLink in the area.

The Namaz was well underway at theSacramento Area League of Associated Muslims (SALAM)when we reached its Community Center at 4541 CollegeOak Drive. Refreshments were to follow prayers therealong with an ethnic potluck. Dr. Yahia Abdul Rahmanwas slated to lead both the Eid prayers and the FridayKhutbah here. The other venue was the “V Street Mosque” in theDowntown Area where “Little Pakistan” once again madeits presence known (along with little Muslim India andAfghanistan) as over a thousand people joined togetherin prayers for Eid.

The prayers here were led by ImamQasmi who highlighted three points in his Khutbah(sermon): Praying that Allah (SWT) would accept ourprayers Imam Qasmi said that 1) Eid ul Adha is notjust about choosing an animal, sacrificing it andcelebrating/feasting with family and friends. It isactually a symbolic way in which we slaughter our sinsand 2) The Imam added that it was also an occasion forreinforcing family values in your home and familyunity and 3) it was an occasion where we mustseriously ponder over the future of our children. Hesaid that there was much to be learned from Abraham’ssacrifice which we remember on this day.

There was a very festive atmosphere outside the mosqueafter prayers as a great deal of pizza was consumedalong with snacks. Islam-related literature was everpresent as the congregation stepped outside for thetraditional hugging and Eid greetings. Many localMuslims made it a point to remember the victims of therecent Tsunami in Asia in their prayers and have beenraising funds for them.

The weather in Sacramento hasbeen quite cool recently but on this Eid day thecommunity continued to generate its own warmth via itsgenerosity.


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