AMA Invites Nominations for Malcolm X
Award 2005
By Hazem Kira

Newark, CA: The American Muslim Alliance (AMA), a national organization dedicated to civic education and leadership training, is inviting nominations for its prestigious Malcolm X Award for 2005.
“This award is a reminder that one of the two leading 20th Century civil rights leaders in America was a Muslim by the name of El-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz, Malcolm X”, AMA National Vice Chair Dr. Shabbir Safdar said.
The previous recipients of this award include a pantheon of America’s moral leaders and intellectuals. The list includes: Ramsey Clark (Attorney General United States 1967-69), Richard Curtiss (former diplomat, Editor of Washington Report on Middle East Affairs), Paul Findley (US Congress 1961-1983), Pete McCloskey (US Congress from 1967 to 1983), Tom Campbell (US Congress from 1989-1993, and 1995 to 2001, State Senate from 1993-1995), Cynthia McKinney (US Congress from 1993 - 2003, and 2005-present), and David Bonior (Michigan state house of representatives, 1973-1977; US Congress from 1977-2003).
Three political parties, Green, Libertarian and Independent shared the 2004 Malcolm X Award. The popularity of this prestigious award is evident from the fact that the national leaders of all three parties, Jo Chamberlain, Michael Badnarik and Peter Camejo, traveled to Orlando, Florida to receive this award.
Previously these nominations were made by AMA members only but this year the AMA Board has decided to open it to the entire community. Now any individual or organization can submit a nomination. However, each person or organization can nominate only a person.
“Since this award represents all of us, it must reflect the views and wishes of the entire community”, says AMA National Chair Dr. Agha Saeed.
The AMA Board has set up the following guidelines for nomination:
1. Name of the person you are nominating for the Malcolm X Award
2. Brief explanation (200 words) as to why you think this person deserves this award.
3. Your name and contact information.
4. These nominations must be submitted by no later than September 1, 2005.
These nominations can be sent by e-mail (, Fax: (510) 252-9863 or mail: AMA Head Office, 39675 Cedar Blvd., Suite 220-E, Newark, CA.


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