CCRA Seeks Support for Civil Rights Bill
By Hazem I. Kira

Sacramento, CA: The California Civil Rights Alliance (CCRA), a statewide coalition of 23 mainstream organizations, is calling on California voters to call their respective state Senators to urge support for SJR 10, a bill calling for partial repeal of the USA PATRIOT Act.
The Bill which has been in the works for several weeks has already gone through the Judiciary hearing and a subsequent 2nd and 3rd reading on the Senate floor. The final vote is expected anytime in the next week, which will decide its fate.
The CCRA needs help especially with contacting Republican Senators. Sen. Liz Figueroa, the principal author of this bill, has recently started a television program, titled "Figuratively Speaking" in which she had interviewed CCRA cofounder Dr. Agha Saeed to boost efforts in the passage of SJR 10. For further information please contact CCRA at 510.252.9858 or visit our website


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