LA Muslims Offer Condolences to British Consul-General

Representatives of Muslim organizations with the British Consul General

Anaheim, CA: On behalf of Muslims of Southern California, Shura Council called upon the diplomatic mission of Great Britain in Los Angeles to record sympathies and prayers for the victims of the recent tragedy in London and also to condemn the unjustified and indiscriminate violence in London.
Welcoming the Shura Council delegation, comprising of representatives from CAIR, Masjid Omar Ibn Khattab, Masjid Ibadillah and MPAC, the Consul-General Mr. Bob Peirce thanked the Council for the visit and expressed his view that “Islam is peace.”
Accompanying the Consul-General was Mr. Jeff Mee, Consul for Passport & Visa Affairs.
The Consul-General, who was previously Secretary to the Independent Commission on Policing for Northern Ireland, stressed that British society has always been conditioned upon guarantees of free speech and association. He echoed Prime Minister Tony Blair’s remarks in which he stated, “This is not an isolated criminal act we are dealing with, it is an extreme and evil ideology whose roots lie in a perverted and poisonous misinterpretation of the religion of Islam.”
The Vice-Chairman of Shura Council Imam Saadiq Saafir called upon “the British and United States Governments to urgently find ways to reconcile the socio-economic disparity,” which he said, “is a root cause of the tragic cycle of violence.”
Other members of the delegation apprised the Consul General of their institutional role and offered assistance in enhancing understanding among all peoples.
Shakeel Syed, the Executive Director of Shura Council thanked the Consul General and offered him a copy of the Glorious Qur’an to study and explore the faith that offers nothing but peace and calls for justice for all.
MPAC Communications Director Edina Lekovic shared efforts being made by American Muslims to protect their communities and their nation. In May 2004, MPAC launched the National Grassroots Campaign to Fight Terrorism to share best practices of American mosques that act as positive, contributing elements within their broader communities and actively work to prevent their mosques from being leveraged by saboteurs (SEE:



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