COPAA Condemns London Bombings

Fullerton, California: The Council of Pakistan American Affairs (COPAA) has strongly condemned the horrific and barbaric act of terrorism against innocent and unsuspecting civilians that occurred in London on July 7, 2005. “We are extremely offended, saddened and disturbed by these callous terrorist acts. COPAA offers its deepest and heartfelt sorrow to the victims, their families and friends,” says a COPAA press release.
It added: “The attack on London was an attack on the entire civilized world. The innocent victims of these heinous acts were citizens representing many different age groups, socio-economic groups, professions, cultures, religions, beliefs and nationalities. This was truly a reprehensible and shameful act of terrorism against the world community. Terrorist acts like this are not just against one country, but against the whole world community.
“COPAA strongly urges world leaders to unite in their strongest condemnation of this terrorist act and in their efforts to bring these terrorists to justice as quickly as possible. We urge world leaders to send the message to these terrorists that we are absolutely united against them and we will not rest until we find the perpetrators. COPAA also requests the world community to unite and condemn the perpetrators of this shameful and atrocious act. We must unite against the perpetrators, their leaders, their supporters and the people who condone these terrorist acts,” the press release concluded.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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