PAKPAC Condemns Involvement of Individuals of Pakistani Descent

“Pakistani American Public Affairs Committee (PAKPAC) is following with serious concern the possible involvement of individuals of Pakistani descent in these grotesque terrorist attacks in London this past week,” says a PAKKPAC press release.
It adds: “PAKPAC unequivocally condemns such dastardly acts of terrorism by these rogue elements who are not only causing loss of precious and innocent lives, but also immensely tarnishing the outlook of Pakistanis all around the world, who are hard-working, peace-loving, conscientious, and responsible civic citizens committed to see elements of evil destruct and forces of freedom to prevail in bringing about lasting peace and prosperity in the world.
“We ask all Pakistani Americans to exercise caution as they remain vulnerable to senseless backlash; we urge them to strengthen their resolve in continuing to promote awareness that these rogue terrorist elements do not represent Pakistan or Pakistanis anywhere in the world.”
The Pakistani American Public Affairs Committee (PAKPAC) is a nationwide, membership based, not-for-profit lobbying organization registered with the US Federal Election Commission. PAKPAC's mission is to advance and strengthen US-Pakistan relations, while working tirelessly to preserve, protect and promote ideals of civil liberties commonly cherished by all Americans. PAKPAC has been organized to give a voice to issues and concerns common to the Pakistani-American community.


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