Two Pakistani Students Chosen to Attend CEE

Syed Raza, Umar Javed

McLean, Virginia: Virginia-based Center for Excellence in Education (CEE) has announced the US and international high school students who have been selected for the prestigious Research Science Institute (RSI) - the premiere US research science internship program for academically talented high school students.
Mr. Umar Javed and Mr. Syed Raza, both of Lahore, Pakistan and students at Aitchison College, were selected out of 14 student applicants from Pakistan to attend RSI.
Umar plans to perform science research in the field of engineering. As a student at Aitchison College, he has participated in numerous activities and competitions. He has garnered accolades as a member of the Pakistan National/International Mathematics Olympiad 2005 team. Outside of his academic schedule, Umar enjoys horseback riding, basketball, squash and cricket. He is also involved in community service work, working at a rural hospital in 2004.
Syed plans to perform computer science research this summer. The aspect of computer science that he finds most interesting is quantum computing. His passion for computer science and quantum computing aided him in becoming the youngest member to represent Pakistan and Aitchison College at the Asian International Space Settlement Design Competition. Syed’s team was placed second among eight semi-finalist teams at the competition. In addition to his rigorous academic schedule, Syed enjoys debating, poetry and chess. He is also a member of CARE Pakistan, the non-governmental organization that works to promote education awareness in Pakistan.
RSI remains the only program of its kind that is free of cost to the students. They continue to participate in alumni activities for the 8-10 years of their undergraduate and graduate careers. The esteemed program reflects a spectrum of the most prominent students in science, with over 1500 alumni including student scholars from 49 nations.
The Center for Excellence in Education was co-founded in 1983 by the late Admiral H.G. Rickover and Joann P. DiGennaro, President of the Center, to nurture young scholars to careers of excellence and leadership in science and technology. Luminaries serving on the Center’s Board of Trustees include: U.S. Senators Joseph Lieberman and George Allen, the Honorable Bahia El Hariri of Lebanon, and Michael Jordan, Chairman and CEO of EDS.
Out of a pool of over 1200 U.S. applicants, 53 students and 36 international students selected by a prominent selection panel were competitively chosen to participate in 6 weeks of rigorous research training at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Selection criteria include grades, national examination scores, teacher recommendations, and participation in science competitions and activities which indicate leadership capability. RSI combines classroom instruction and research mentorships with top scientists at academic institutions and corporations, and challenges students beyond their potential.
RSI alumni go on to participate and garner top prizes in US and international science competitions. For four of the past six years, US-RSI alumni have received top prizes in the Intel Science Talent Search.
CEE is funded by private foundations, corporations, government agencies and individuals.
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