PALC Welcomes Congressman Ted Poe on Congressional Pakistan Caucus

Sheila Jackson Lee

Washington, DC: The Pakistani American Liaison Center, a Washington-based public education group, has welcomed Congressman Ted Poe on the Congressional Pakistan Caucus. A freshman Republican congressman from the state of Texas, Rep. Ted Poe is the 67th member on the Pakistan Caucus.
“We welcome Congressman Poe’s decision to join the Congressional Pakistan Caucus hoping his involvement with the Caucus will help us attain newer heights in the Caucus’s activities and prestige,” said Faiz Rehman, Executive Director of PALC. PALC helped found the Caucus in September, 2004.
“Pakistan American community in the Houston area worked hard and closely with Congressman Poe during his election campaign in 2004. Rep. Poe’s membership on the Caucus is a tribute to the community’s political activism and a witness to their increasing involvement in local issues,” Rehman added.
The Congressional Pakistan Caucus was formally launched on September 22, 2004 by President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan at a Capitol Hill ceremony. Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN) and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) are the two founding co-chairs of the Caucus.
The bi-partisan caucus has held events and briefings on the Hill.
At a recently organized Capitol Hill briefing with Pakistani Ambassador Jehangir Karamat, Caucus’s co-chair Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee congratulated the leadership of PALC in helping establish and build the Congressional Pakistan Caucus, saying, “The Congressional Pakistan Caucus will continue to advocate for the nation of Pakistan as a means to fulfill the foreign policy interests of the United States.” She said a strong Pakistan in a stable South Asia can only yield positive results for our nation. “We must work together as a caucus along with other members of Congress to continue the positive developments we have witnessed.”


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