Valedictorian Award for Pakistani Student

Shahryar Nasir, a bright student of Pakistan origin who lives in Las Vegas, has received the coveted Valedictorian Award. He has the highest grade point average in his graduating class of 385 students. He is the only student with a 4.7 GPA.
His class rank is 1/385.
Excerpts from a report on Shahryar’s success written by Jessica Delos Santos: “His grades in his current classes say how well he is doing. ‘He sets a standard for other students,’ said Ms Christiernsson, English teacher. ‘Even being a valedictorian, he doesn’t assume that he knows everything,’ said the English teacher. ‘He’s a role model in his desire to achieve and his ability to communicate,’ said English teacher Ms Eaton…”
Shahryar’s “peers accept the fact that he is valedictorian. ‘If anyone is going to get it, it’s him. He deserves it,’ said Jenny Ting, a senior. Joe Orozco, senior, said, ‘I think he‘s the only person. He works the hardest. He deserves it.’
“Being a valedictorian Shahryar received many offers of scholarships from various universities, but has decided to attend a branch of Cornell University located in the country of Qatar …
Shahryar was born in Pakistan and came to the US with his family when he was nine years old. He still visits Pakistan every summer. His mother plans to open a hospital in Pakistan and have the family work there.

He is proceeding to Weill Cornell Medical College in Doha, Qatar, which is the third campus of the Weill Cornell University, Ithaca, New York State.
His father, Nasir Khan, is a chemical engineer. His mother is a doctor, a physician in internal medicine, who has practiced in Las Vegas for the last four years and is now moving to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to work as a consultant in the King Fahad Medical City Hospital. Sister Sadaf Nasir studies at the Weill Cornell Medical College’ Doha Qatar. His younger brothers are in grade 7 and 3 respectively.


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