Musharraf’s CNN Address Graded Best

Atlanta: CNN’s three-day World Report Conference ended on Thursday. The 14th annual conference was unique as CNN’s 25th anniversary celebrations were part of the program. More than 200 mass media delegates from different countries participated in the conference.
The presidents of four countries — Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Iraq — addressed the conference by satellite and answered the questions of the delegates. Majority of the delegates graded President Musharraf’s address as the best and most impressive. Expressing his opinion, a British journalist, who covers EU Parliament, told Geo TV that President Musharraf not only reminded the world of the exemplary and historic role Pakistan had been playing in the war on terror, but also clearly answered questions of the delegates and did not try to sidestep any issue.
Iraqi President Talbani avoided giving direct answers, he rather gave ambiguous answers to some questions and spent most of the time mentioning the favors the US has extended to Iraq..
Sri Lankan President Kumaratunga stretched her address so long that the anchor had to interrupt. She avoided critical questions and did not furnish any concrete information. The Indonesian president had to wait to begin his address due to a satellite hitch and his address and the question session was consequently cut short.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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