Ethnic, Mainstream Organizations Form Advertising Alliance

Sacramento: CNPA Advertising Services, a national newspaper advertising placement service, and NCM (New California Media), America’s most diverse network of ethnic media, announced a historic partnership that will connect mainstream advertisers to ethnic publications and bring ethnic advertisers to mainstream publications.
The partnership, announced at a May 6 meeting at CNPA’s offices in Sacramento, represents an advertising trend in which advertisers are looking beyond mainstream English-language publications to reach consumers.
“For me it’s the future,” says NCM Executive Director Sandy Close. “Mainstream marketers have to find new ways to communicate in a society with no mainstream.”
In what CNPA Director Sharla Trillo described as a “strategic alliance,” the collaboration will allow NCM to introduce CNPA’s clients to markets that they would otherwise be unable to reach.
The cultural landscape in which companies are operating is rapidly changing, leaving many anxious to break into ethnic markets. To reach a diverse body of consumers, messages must be targeted to appeal to audiences in their own languages.
Since 1996, NCM has worked to increase the visibility of ethnic media as a powerful tool for advertisers to reach the exploding ethnic populations in California and nationwide. Their ability to provide in-language, culturally relevant messages gives CNPA advertisers like Amtrak, Sav-On and the Ross Dress For Less Stores access to the fastest-growing segment of the consumer market with ads that engage them in a meaningful way.
“We’re excited about (the relationship),” said Jack Bates, president of CNPA. “I think it will be a tremendous help to us and our clients.”
CNPA Advertising Services is a division of CNPA Services Inc. and is affiliated with the California Newspaper Publishers Association, founded in 1888.


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