A Tribute to Saba Aslam Education and Welfare Trust
By AbuBakar Vakil


Mr. Saghir Aslam, Mr. AbuBakar Vakil and others at the interfaith conference

The Chairman of Saba Aslam Education and Welfare Trust, Br. Saghir Aslam is a good friend of mine. While I was planning to go to Pakistan in the month of February this year, he informed me of the interfaith conference which was going to be held in Islamabad Pakistan on the 24th of April. “Please attend it and I will take you to the places where Saba Trust is activity providing a number of community services.” I am very glad that I listened to him.
As per my promise I arrived in Islamabad on the evening of April 22. The next day Saghir Bhai came to pick me up in the morning from the Marriott hotel in Islamabad. Incidentally the hotel was also arranged by him. We started heading towards Channan Gujrat near Kharian, where Saba Trust has built an education center with separate sections for boys and girls. I happened to learn more about the future plans of the Trust. Here I must mention that I saw a different Saghir Aslam. I always considered him a reticent person keeping a low profile. He is extremely pragmatic without any show off. But the thing I noticed in Pakistan was that he has besides the things I wrote above, a real tender heart. While talking about the less fortunate people, the pains they go through I saw tears rolling down his cheeks. I became conscious of his caring nature and his desire to extend help to the needy and the less privileged. I began to think if there were more people like him, the world would become a great place to live in.

Mr. AbuBakar Vakil and Mr. Saghir Aslam with a group of underpriviledged Pakistanis who received aid from the Saba Aslam Education and Welfare Trust

We arrived at the “Wisdom House in Channan Gugrat” where I met with the staff, manager and his helpers. They were all so well organized and the services they were providing were truly meritorious. Teachers are well paid, they are given accommodation with free commute from and to the place they live. Girl students have lady teachers and boys have male teachers. The classes range from 1st grade to graduate level. For the graduation they have science and art faculties. The teachers are well qualified and the students are bright and well-mannered. I was given full respect by everyone present.
I felt a friendly atmosphere in the environment. On the way back Saghir Aslam showed me a big piece of land 1200 kanal or 24000 marlas for future educational activities where construction will start in June this year. He took me to the head office of Saba Trust where I was asked to distribute beautiful gifts among the needy people. He showed me bridal dowry for the needy families. I was amazed to see him doing so many things single-handedly and still taking care of his personal matters. Of course his family and some others extend their help, yet a group of people cannot do what he is doing all by himself. He should be given credit and help in his endeavor in everyway possible.
The next day I attended the Interfaith Peace Conference. Here I saw again the same kind of organizational perfection. The speeches were given by the Federal Ministers, bishop, his wife and son, well known community leaders and finally by Saghir Aslam. It was worthwhile for everyone to attend the conference. Everyone emphasized that religious rancor was politically motivated. Saghir Bhai expounded on the activities of Saba Trust in Pakistan. He expressed the need of harmony and team work to help humanity prosper. I hope like minded people will join hands with him to achieve the goals set for this purpose. I have made up my mind to help him in every possible way.



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