Call for Supporting Rising Leaders

Washington, DC: Rising Leaders is registered as a non-profit organization and hopes to receive tax exemption status by October 2005. A press release says: “One of our major goals is to fund educational opportunities for Pakistanis living in the US and we can do this only through your support. Even the smallest donation can help make a difference in someone’s life by helping them pursue a dream that they may have always thought was out of reach.
“We especially seek to assist Pakistanis living in America who are interested in pursuing careers in political science, public policy, media, and the arts and humanities. Encouraging people to join such fields will diversify and strengthen the community and what it has to offer to American society. Younger individuals can donate what they can afford to support their generation and the upcoming one. For older members, Rising Leaders introduces an opportunity to contribute to the strength and security of the next generation of Pakistanis in America.
“Please visit and click on Donate to Rising Leaders. You can contact us at anytime with questions or concerns at
“We thank you for your time and support to Rising Leaders. It is through the generosity of people like you that Rising Leaders will become the premier Pakistani-American organization. - Aisha Chapra - Executive Director, Nadia Naviwala - Chair Board of Directors.”


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