PAKPAC Election

The Pakistani American Public Affairs Committee (PAKPAC) has unanimously elected Dr. Raza Bokhari, President-Elect 2006-07, and Dr. Saud Anwar, Secretary, 2006-07
PAKPAC also announced the 2005 Board of Directors, which include the following:
Dr. Pervez Shah (Maryland), Dr. Raza Bokhari (Pennsylvania), Dr. Saud Anwar (Connecticut), Dr. Hassan Bukhari (Texas), Dr. Mohammed Suleman (Lousiana), Dr. Rafiq Rehman (Kentucky), Dr. Saquib Khan (New York).
The Pakistani American Public Affairs Committee (PAKPAC) is a nationwide, membership based, not-for-profit lobbying organization registered with the US Federal Election Commission. PAKPAC’s mission is to advance and strengthen US-Pakistan relations while working to preserve, protect and promote ideals of civil liberties commonly cherished by all Americans. (For more information on PAKPAC, browse our website
Outgoing President, Dr. Pervez Shah, applauded the elected officers and the Board of Directors. “I am proud of PAKPAC and its achievements over the years, but our efforts have only begun, and a lot more has to be done. The officers, directors and members of PAKPAC are resolved to further the objectives of our organization.”
Dr. Saud Anwar, who was re-elected to the office of the Secretary, thanked the Board Members. “I am grateful to the Board for their continued confidence. PAKPAC drives its energy from its membership at the grassroots level; who remain invigorated and faithful to the mission of PAKPAC”
President-elect, Dr. Raza Bokhari expressed immense gratitude to the Board for reposing confidence in his leadership. “I am honored to be afforded this opportunity to serve PAKPAC. I remain committed to the high professional and moral values that serve as the guiding principles of PAKPAC as we continue in our endeavors to reinvent ourselves in response to changing times. Sustainable success of PAKPAC resides in strong and stable membership base that should not cease to expand.”


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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