National Pakistani Students Association Announcements

Board of Directors

The National Pakistani Students Association (National PSA) is expanding its Board of Directors. All PSAs in the United States, especially those that are on campuses with a large Pakistani student population, are encouraged to nominate one exemplary member to serve on the Board. Please send your PSA’s nomination (including the individual’s e-mail address and phone number), your school’s name/location, and the approximate number of Pakistani students on your campus to

PSA Directory

In order to promote networking and collaboration, the National PSA is creating a PSA Directory. Please send your PSA’s e-mail address, website address (if applicable), the name of your school, and the state in which your school is located to

Internship Grant Program

The National PSA will award $1,000 per month to two students who intern full-time at a major media outlet or think tank. Individuals are responsible for securing their own internship. If you already have an internship secured, or would like more information, please e-mail


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