Love for the Prophet Demonstrated at Momin Lodge
By Naushad Sarwar


Speakers at the Milad ceremony

Torrance: On Thursday, April 21 2005, a record number of people turned up at the Momin Lodge to pay homage to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and to celebrate his birth on 12 Rabi’u-l-Awwal 571 AC.
It was a working day, yet the number of attendees steadily mounted to furnish proof of the Muslims’ love for the Holy Prophet.
Dr. Hasan Ud-Din Hashmi, a well-known Islamic scholar, initiated the proceedings by reciting a naat befitting the occasion.
The blessed night was admirably emceed by Dr Hashmi, who is a prominent figure among religious scholars in Southern California.
The learned speakers included Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi, Dr. Ahmad H. Sakr, Dr. Aslam Abdullah, Shaikh Rabih Othman and Dr. Hasan Ud-Din Hashmi himself. The Naat khwaan included Sister Meher, Brother Abuzar, Brother Anwar, Brother Waseem Beg, Sister Muneera, and Sister Naghmana. An Anaheim group also recited religious poetry to the accompaniment of music and played several instruments likes drum and duf to fill the air with profound love for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Above : Glimpses of Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi celeberation at Momin Lodge

The speakers exhorted the gathering to practice the teachings of Islam in letter and spirit and respectfully regard the Prophet as a role model. Observed Dr. Shaikh Rabih Othman: “Hazrat Esa (s.a.s.) received food for his followers as naemat and called it the day of Eid, but the birth of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was rehmat for the whole universe.” Dr. Hasan Ud-Din Hashmi testified. “A handicapped daughter of an idol worshiper saw an unusual bright light in the sky and prayed for her health. The next thing she knew was that she was able to walk. The Greatest Prophet (PBUH) was born. He went to Mecca where people told Abu Talib he had a grandson.”
Dr. Aslam Abdullah who started his speech after the Maghrib prayer criticized those who believe the celebration of the Holy Prophet’s birthday is bid’a. “Why God asks every living being on the earth to reach Him through the Holy Prophet (PBUH)?” he posed the question.

Dr. Muzamil H. Siddiqui prayed to Allah to bless us, protect us, and bestow on us love for the Almighty and His Holy Prophet (PBUH). “A human being is incomplete without following the Holy Prophet (PBUH), his spirituality, devotion to mankind, ethics, character, integrity, loyalty, honesty, generosity, steadfastness in friendship, humility in success, magnanimity in victory, simplicity, wisdom in conceiving new solutions for problems which could not be solved by traditional methods, without affecting the fundamental concepts of Islam. Surely, all these are foundations for a true Muslim and a dynamic Islamic society in the years ahead."


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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