Database of Muslim Americans

The Association of Retired American Muslims (ARAM) has launched a project to develop a database of American Muslims. The objective of this effort is to create a list of Muslims and specific information about them so that “we may learn about each other and potentially leverage these attributes to help the Ummah,” says an email message. “Allah (SWT) has blessed each one of us with one or more unique qualifications. We should not feel shy to let our community know about these strengths and should contribute our skills and talents for the enrichment and betterment of the community.”
In the first phase, the list will include information about Muslims residing in California. The list will be expanded in several phases to cover the entire United States. The proposed data collection form is sufficiently broad-based to cover various skills in different fields. Please feel free to attach additional sheets if something is not covered in the form.
The first directory, to be titled “Who’s Who in California’s Muslim Communities” is scheduled to be published in January 2006.
A data collection form can be obtained by emailing: (A soft copy of the form will be Emailed as an attachment) or by writing to: Waheed Siddiqee, 1733 Banff Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94087. (Please send a stamped (37C) self addressed envelope along with your written request.)
Deadline for receiving the forms is October 31, 2005
For further information, please call 408-732-1988.


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