Holy Prophet is Hope for All Mankind: Mowahid

The Holy Prophet’s message of fighting hypocrisy and having an abiding faith in the Almighty Allah - the one and only superpower - continues to provide the best road map for living with decency and dignity. It also provides lasting hope and salvation not only to Muslims but to all mankind.
This was stated by Mowahid Hussain Shah, Minister/Special Assistant to Chief Minister, Punjab, during his keynote address at the International Seerat Council at Lahore.
Mowahid said that the crux of Islam is justice, truth and compassion. The Holy Prophet’s life itself is a living legacy and is a classic example of forgiveness and generosity, observed Mowahid. The Holy Prophetbelieved that differentiation can only be on the basis of Taqva and Ilm and not on wealth, rank, power or lineage.
Islam is a faith which instills in believers the constant striving for moral excellence, concluded Mowahid.
The gathering was attended by leading Ulema representatives.


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