PSA and MSA Shine at Chico University Festival
By Talat Sattar

The 32nd Annual International Festival at Chico State University on Saturday in front of the Kendall Hall turned out to be a day full of music and culture. An explosion of color, the scent of tasty food, and the tune of groovy music lured guests to the campus. The free all-day celebration was sponsored by the Associated Students Multicultural Council.
Booths on the lawn displayed pride in heritage from many student multicultural organizations such as the Chico Hmong Student Association, the Indian Student Association, Pakistani Student Association, Muslim Student Association and many more. Walking around the booths, visitors were immersed in the many cultures shared by students on campus.

Glimpses of the 32nd Annual International Fesitval at Chico University. Top left :PSA organizers

It was a day to celebrate the diverse cultures of Chico State campus through food, clothing and music. And there was plenty of food to go around. Whether it was the homemade egg rolls or delicacies from Sri Lanka, chicken tikka or sheesh kabob from Pakistan, or the booths that lined the free speech area, there was a little something for everybody. The diverse cultures also brought in a diverse crowd. Word of the eight-hour event spread like wildfire as the crowd continued to grow throughout the day.
From fashion to food, the festival had it all. Students from the many multicultural clubs on campus performed dances and wore traditional clothing depicting their cultures.
Local students associations were at the scene selling jewelry and clothing from all over the world. Between sets, students from a variety of the multicultural organizations gave impressive performances representing their backgrounds to keep the tone of the event alive.
The festival started in 1974 when a few of the multicultural clubs on campus gathered together to share their food and crafts. Since then the event has gotten bigger. Pakistan Student Association (PSA) was founded about 20 years ago by Mrs. Rabina Khan, Mukhtar Khan and Khan Ahmad Khan. Rabina was the main brain behind PSA for this year event as well as all the previous years. This year’s theme for the Pakistani stall was “DHOOLI”. Rabina Khan, who is also involved in several other cultural, religious and political organizations, is dedicated to the Pakistani cause. Rabina Khan thanked the Pakistani community for helping her in all the political and community events in Chico area including this one and she credits all her success to the community. Because of the community following, Congressman Wally Herger appointed her a Republican Party delegate.
It is interesting to know that PSA was the winner for “Best Decorated Stall and Best Food” for the past four years. This year the University decided to split these two categories, “Best Decorated Stall” and “Best Food”; the whole idea was that one booth could get only one award. Rabina Khan decided to set up Muslim Student Association (MSA) stall as well. The “Best Food” award went to PSA and the “Best Decorated Stall” went to MSA and so both of the awards were captured by Pakistani organizations.
The Pakistani stall was flocked by the attendees and there was a long line for food. People from different part sof the world came to taste Pakistani food.
“HINNA” was the most popular item on MSA stall as men and women lined up to beautify their hands with red mehandi.
Pakistan Student Association organizers, Usman Khurshid, Nyla Khan, Abbas, Fahad and Samra Ahmad deserve due credit for putting up such a beautiful event together and their continued triumph and victory at this yearly event.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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