Anjuman-e-Azmat-e-Mustafa (SAWS) Organizes Milad
By Naushad Sarwar


A vivid demonstration of love for our Prophet (SAWS) was evident at the Cerritos Community Hall on May 6, 2005 when the Anjuman-e-Azmat-e-Mustafa (SAW) held a milad for the twelfth consecutive year to impress upon the community the spiritual dimensions of Prophet Mohammad’s august character. The hall was packed to capacity as the 600 people present on the occasion listened to the speakers with due respect and rapt attention.

From top, left to right: Ha?z Navaid Iqbal, Muhammad Anwar, Mehar Alvi, Iqbal Ebrahim, Irfan Murtaza, Zia Khan,Abuzar, Husain Kaka Burney, Majeed Akhtar, Hasan Ud-Din Hashmi, Khalid Khwaja and Arif Imam

The success of the blessed night was largely attributable to the efforts of well-known community activist Mr. Mohammad Iqbal Ibrahim.

Above : Two groups of the Milad attendees

The milad was ably conducted and emceed by Mr. Mohammad Anwar and Mr. Irfan Murtaza. Renowned scholar Mr. Hasan Ud-Din Hashmi and Mr. Mohammad Iqbal Ibrahim eloquently spoke on the life and teachings of the Holy Prophet. Local naat khwaan participating in the program included Mr. Mohammad Anwar, Ms. Shafique Ahmed, Ms. Mehar Alvi, Mr. Irfan Murtaza, Master Faizan Motiwala, Master Bilal Murtaza, Master Shawn Murtaza, Master Abdul Ghafoor Anwar, Ms. Naghmana Sohail, Mr. Zia Khan, Mr. Abuzar, Mr. Husain Kaka Burney, Mr. Majeed Akhtar, Mr. Khalid Khwaja, and Mr. Arif Imam.

“God called our Prophet (SAWS) ‘Abduhu’ (greatest of all human beings) and ‘Rasuluhu’ (greatest of all prophets) and could be understood by reading and learning the Qur’an thoroughly,” Mr. Iqbal Ibrahim told the audience. “All other prophets came out for certain valley, town, state or country, except Prophet Mohammad whose birth was the reason for the creation of the whole universe,” he added. Dr. Hasan Ud-Din Hashmi told the attendees, “You will be superior and strong if you are a true Muslim and a true Muslim is one who keeps the Prophet (SAWS) closer to his vein”.

Children received gifts at the end of the milad. A sumptuous dinner was also served to celebrate the birth of our beloved Prophet (SAWS). Anjuman-e-Azmat-e-Mustafa’s efforts in arranging the milad need to be duly lauded.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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