Washington’s Imran Khan Passes away

Imran Khan, a prominent member of the Pakistani-American community of the Washington, DC, area, passed away on May 12, 2005, after braving a difficult struggle against cancer with characteristic dignity and honor. The son of Saadullah Khan, of the Frontier province of Pakistan, he is survived by his loving wife, Tehmina, and children, Amina, Ali, Ali Nader, and Firas Al-Hindi; and siblings, Aminullah, Samina, and Nadira, amongst many other relatives and friends.
Imran Khan was born in Peshawar, Pakistan and retired from the Pakistan Army after attaining the rank of Major. He was a member of the 33rd Cavalry and an instructor at the Pakistan Military Academy. President Ayub Khan awarded him the highest attainable peacetime award, the Sitar-e-Basalat, for his valor and courage. Imran’s valor and courage were hallmarks throughout his entire life, and were especially evident in the manner in which he handled his terrible illness.
After settling in McLean, Virginia, Imran Khan and his wife, Tehmina, built a successful furniture retail business. They were a strong team, being very active in all aspects of their community -- hosting political fundraisers, community events, and interfaith dialogue. They built a home which entertained leaders from both the American political landscape and civic community, as well as from Pakistan. All who visited were touched by the personal warmth and hospitality they received.
Imran was a heavenly soul – he was loved by all, without exception, an extremely rare attribute in this world. Imran was a strong man who was motivated by love for his wife and children. He provided the solid foundation of his family, and ensured that his children reached the highest levels of education.
Describing Imran Khan is tantamount to praising him. He was a rare individual who practiced the ideals that others aspire to reach. His grace, honor, and dignity were accompanied by the kindest of hearts; his presence was larger than life; and he always had a smile for every person he met. He truly was a great and rare soul, and all who were touched by his warmth count themselves blessed to have known him. His gentle presence, soft smile, and kind eyes are forever imprinted on the memories of all who knew and loved him. And last, but not least, was his humility, for Imran was humble, in spite of the many blessings he received while on this earth. He will be missed by all who crossed his path. A true gentleman. May Allah (swt) Bless his soul, and receive him in the highest of heavens, Insh’Allah.
Imran Khan passed away on his birthday, and Allah blessed him with his Namaz-e-Janazza on Friday, May 13.



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