Pakistani Americans to Hold Quake Awareness Events on Eid

Seventeen major Pakistani-American and American Muslim organizations have jointly called on Pakistani and Muslim communities in the United States to hold Quake Awareness events on the day of Eid, the Muslim day of celebration following 30 days of fasting.
Ranging from prayers and memorials to peaceful rallies, marches, and vigils, these events will be held immediately after the Eid prayer and each community will decide its own preferred format. The organizers hope that such events will be held in all major cities across the United States.
These events will be of focused on three main goals: keeping the issue alive in the public consciousness , informing fellow Americans about the need for long-term US involvement, and cementing Pakistani American and Muslim American commitment to reconstruction of the quake devastated areas of Pakistan.
This press release has been jointly issued by the following organizations: American Muslim Alliance (AMA); American Muslim Society of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware (AMSPND); Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America (APPNA); Coalition of Pakistani Organizations of Chicago (COPC); Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC); Human Development Foundation (HDF); Pakistan American Democratic Forum (PADF); Pakistan Association of Greater Washington (PAGW); Pakistan Association of Long Island (PALI); Pakistan Association of New York Capital District (PANCD); Pakistan Association of Riverside (PARS); Pakistan Association of San Francisco Bay Area (PASBA); Pakistan Community Association of New Orleans (PCANO); Pakistan Cultural Association of Staten Island, Inc. (PCASII); Pakistan League of America (PLA); Pakistani American Council of Texas (PACT); Pakistan-US Freedom Forum (PUFF); and Strategic Research Forum (SRF).
Both the UN and the World Health Organization (WHO) now acknowledge that the earthquake which struck South Asia on October 8, 2005, with its epicenter in northern Pakistan, is a greater catastrophe than last year’s tsunami in terms of the number of people made homeless and the extent of destruction to infrastructure.

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has warned the international community that any delay in relief efforts would mean “a second, massive wave of death”. Mr. Annan has also noted that “there is a growing sense of desperation among the people waiting for assistance” because “in the most affected areas hospitals, schools, water systems and roads had all been destroyed.”


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