Berkeley Initiative to Raise Funds on Nov 19

The UC Berkeley Townsend Center working group on Muslim Identities & Cultures is planning an event on Saturday, Nov 19, to raise funds for the millions of unfortunate victims of the Oct 8th catastrophic earthquake in South Asia. An email message from the group states: “… We already have performers, including acclaimed singers, award-winning spoken-word artists, Kathak dancers, and other South Asian music bands, lined up to perform for free for this event, and also have done research identifying effective and reliable relief agencies working on the ground, with the least overhead.
“We are completely volunteer-driven, and are co-organizing the event with a number of other non-profit organizations based in the Bay Area, including Narika, a women's group based in the Bay Area which runs a helpline for victims of domestic violence and trafficking; Ekta, a South Asian progressive network, and FOSA (Friends of South Asia) et al. All the funds raised minus the costs will go to South Asia.
For more details please contact:
Huma Dar
PhD Candidate
Department of South & South East Asian Studies
Designated Emphasis in Women, Gender & Sexuality
Designated Emphasis in Film Studies
7233 Dwinelle Hall #2540
University of California at Berkeley





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