Quake-Proof Community Centers to Be Designed

Washington, DC: Irshad Salim, a noted Pakistani American has announced the launching of “JEEVEY Initiative’ with the objective “to conceptualize, design and plan” cost-effective, indigenious and community-friendly earthquake-proof community centers for the affected areas of Pakistan and Kashmir. He made the announcement at a press conference held at a local hotel.
He stated that it would not be a fund-raising drive, but a mental exercise based on logical levels of convergence and divergence. “Several US and Middle East-based Pakistani professionals have joined hands,” he disclosed, adding, he has been able to associate in the initiative some 13 public-spirited experts, who have a firm resolve
to strive to spread the message by Internet conferences and brainstorming sessions to moot out the idea, crystallize it and through analytical exercise search out a suitable solution. “We have been pained to see the massive killings of Pakistanis and Kashmiris, while others have been trapped under tons of debris and injured. Still others who saw the jolts of 7.6 degree earthquake on October 8, and subsequent disaster as well as aftershocks, are in a state of endless panic.”
“We are developing a coalition of the willing and public-spirited professionals, interested only in delivering results,” he said, adding: “There is no dearth of talent or men of commitment in the expatriates’ community.”
He said those getting affiliated in “this carvaan of commitment” are those who know the peculiar topography of the quake zone, and who are experts in their field of profession, can join by sparing some hours free of charge, through videoconferencing, e-maling or correspondence. For this purpose, he announced a web site: ‘jeevey.com’.
Initially, he said, the contact email address will be:
[jeeveyinitiative@mamosa.com]. Salim can be contacted at 732 422 9807.



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