Pak-American Groups Invited to Join Rapid-Response-Network
By Hazem Kira

Newark, CA. 11/04/05 – The Pakistan American National Alliance (PANA), a US-wide coalition of grassroots organizations, has invited all interested Pakistani and Pakistani-American organizations to join PANA-Rapid-Response-Network. This e-mail-cum-conference-call network is designed to ensure immediate communication, prompt consultation and timely coordination on the basis of “unity of purpose and division of labor”.
It is free, instant, efficient and effective.
Most recently 18 Pak-American and Muslim-American groups had joined hands to call for quake awareness rallies on the day of Eid. Most of the signatories to this initiative were PANA members.
However, joining the PANA-Rapid-Response-Network by itself does not constitute a membership of PANA, which is premised on a clear and public support for restoration of full democracy in Pakistan. The PANA-Rapid-Response-Network is a vehicle to facilitate auto-coordination among activist groups on a project-by-project basis.
The following groups had recently come together to help refocus media attention on the unfolding tragedy in Pakistan and to keep it alive in public consciousness: American Muslim Alliance (AMA); American Muslim Society of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware (AMSPND); Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America (APPNA); Coalition of Pakistani Organizations of Chicago (COPC); Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC); Human Development Foundation (HDF); Pakistan American Democratic Forum (PADF); Pakistan Association of Greater Washington (PAGW); Pakistan Association of Long Island (PALI); Pakistan Association of New York Capital District (PANCD); Pakistan Association of Riverside (PARS); Pakistan Association of San Francisco Bay Area (PASBA); Pakistan Community Association of New Orleans (PCANO); Pakistan Cultural Association of Staten Island, Inc. (PCASII); Pakistan League of America (PLA); Pakistani American Council of Texas (PACT); Pakistan-US Freedom Forum (PUFF); and Strategic Research Forum (SRF).
By joining the PANA-Rapid-Response-Network an activist Pakistani or Pakistani-American group can:
1. Regularly communicate and interact with other Pak-American activist groups.
2. Compare notes, share information, and pool ideas with other like-minded activists and organizations.
3. Get instant feedback, input and urgently needed information.
4. Stay abreast of the work being done by other groups and avoid duplications.
5. Publicize their own projects and activities to most active Pakistani-Americans.
6. Coordinate activities with other groups on a project-by-project basis.
7. Provide mutual support and help sustain commitment to long-term relief effort.
8. Build and sustain unity in the community.
9. Strengthen civilian institutions and the NGO participation in the rebuilding effort.
Those organizations seeking to join the PANA-Rapid-Response-Network should either send an email to PANA2100@YAHOO.COM or call (510) 299 – 9313.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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