Benazir Appoints Sani Panhwar New Member of PPP Sindh Council
By Dr Shakil Rai

Corona, California: Chairperson Pakistan Peoples Party Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto has appointed Sani Panhwar, a prominent Pakistani-American businessman from Hyderabad, as a new member of the Sindh Council of the party.
Mr. Sani Panhwar thanked the Chairperson for reposing confidence in him, and assured her that he would discharge his duties under her leadership with dedication, work for the restoration democracy in Pakistan, and serve the interests of the party in Sindh as well as in California.
The former prime minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto selected Sani Panhwar in recognition of his past services to the party and his commitment to democracy and struggle for the supremacy of the parliament in Pakistan.
Later, a special meeting of the PPP California was held in the party office in Corona where Mr. Panhwar’s appointment was formally announced and celebrated. The meeting was hosted by Adnan Shafi, Vice President, and Khalid Fareed, Joint Secreatary PPP California and attended by a number of members and supporters of the party.
Speaking on the occasion the local leaders of PPP congratulated Mr. Panhwar and expressed the confidence that Pakistan will see restoration of democracy in the near future and genuine leaders of the masses will lead the country to its destiny as envisioned under the 1973 Constitution.
Speaking on the occasion Mr. Sani Panhwar thanked the hosts for arranging the event, and reiterated his confidence in the leadership of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. He assured the audience that for the period he would be holding the position as member Sindh Council, he would discharge his responsibilities with a spirit of consultation and consensus to deliver every possible relief to party workers and the people of Pakistan.
The meeting was attended among others by Azmat Ali (Sacramento), Nazir Bhurgri (VP PPP California), Dr Khalid Memon (La Brea), Syed Jaffar Shah and Farooq Anwar (Torrance), Talib Janjua , Rehan Shafi, Mushin Khan, and Sameer Jafri (Corona), and Maqsood Khan and Khuram Syed (Anaheim).



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