Personal Initiative Counts
By Manzer Durrani

Plantation, FL: I would like to report to you that the Pakistan Earthquake was given nearly full page coverage by the Miami Herald last Sunday. As a matter of fact, The Herald highlighted the delay by India in granting access to Kashmiris to cross from the Occupied Kashmir. My conversation with the Managing Editor did seem to have an effect. I agree that some in the media have a deliberate policy of not covering any issue sympathetic to Pakistan. However, it is better to try at least as I did, one success is better than no effort. It does not take any resources and just a few minutes of one’s time.
I would like to thank all of you who responded so magnificently and made an effort especially Col. Nafees Mahmood for his efforts and Professor Adil Najam for the beautiful poem he sent me. This is our national cause; please increase awareness of your American friends. Yesterday, I talked to a friend of mine who is a professor at the University of Utah Medical School. She was so moved that she promised to canvass a group of orthopedic surgeons at the university, who do volunteer work overseas, to go to Pakistan. She also mentioned that many Americans don’t know where to donate for the Pakistan Earthquake. I gave her Bob Guida’s A-R-K, site. She also pointed out that the news has disappeared from the media and Pakistani Americans should make efforts to make the media pay attention.
Please continue this effort and let an e-mail bridge be formed. Himat-e-Mardaan, Madad-e-Khuda


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