Khidmat-e-Khalaq Foundation Raises Rs 30 Million

According to a message received from Mr Kamal Zafar of the MQM, the “Khidmat-e-Khalaq Foundation has so far raised 30 million rupees in the last three days and donated to Prime Minister fund in Islamabad. KKC USA in last three days has collected almost $43000.00 from their USA network. We all in USA are trying very hard to a t least raise half a million dollars for our brothers and sisters in the next two to three weeks,” Mr Zafar said.
He added: “MQM is the first organization that started the donation drive in Karachi through their 45 relief camp network. Six teams of doctors are also being sent to the effected areas, each team has eight doctors. Besides food, clothing, tents and miscellaneous items are also being collected through the relief camp network. All these items are just about to reach the effected areas, In some areas we are just waiting for the roads to open up as land slides have closed the major arteries leading to the hearts of cities..”
For further information, please call Mr Kamal Zafar at 310-200-5897


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