Islamic Relief Begins Emergency Aid Projects

Burbank, CA: Islamic Relief has launched a worldwide $10 million appeal for emergency disaster relief for earthquake victims. Of this, $4 million has already been allocated for immediate relief projects, says an email message addressed to Pakistan Link.
Islamic Relief has three full-time offices near the earthquake-affected areas in Islamabad, Neelum Valley, and Muzaffarabad.
Islamic Relief's healthcare center in Neelum Valley (in Pakistani-administered Kashmir) is treating the injured. So far, up to 2,000 victims of the quake have been treated at the Neelum Valley center. An assessment of needs was carried out in Rawalakot on Saturday, and will be done in Bagh on Sunday
Islamic Relief has an Emergency Response Team based in Islamabad, Pakistan, which recently responded to earthquakes in Afghanistan in 2002, and Iran in 2003.
Islamic Relief has already contacted major non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the United States to deliver in-kind aid for the victims of the earthquake.



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