Dear Fellow Citizens of the World
By Mahir Sheikh Nisar
Future Leaders of Pakistan

As many of you may have heard, Pakistan is going through a major natural disaster after facing a powerful earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale. The earthquake's epicenter was located within 100km of of Islamabad causing devastation throughout Pakistan and certain parts of Afghanistan and Northern India. With over 20,000 people "confirmed" dead, the death toll is increasing at an exponential rate for which relief efforts are in dire need.
The Government of Pakistan has activated its relief efforts throughout the affected areas and is trying its best in overcoming the disaster; however it is in this time of need that your fellow Pakistani citizens and Pakistani allies are at your doorstep for your help. The Prime Minister of Pakistan has asked the world community to help assist in this tragic event, primarily financially. It is thus our humble request as human beings and Pakistanis, that everyone that is able to financially assist this relief effort do so.
The Future Leaders of Pakistan (FLP) organization has organized a relief effort within the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Pakistan in order to help the government agencies. All financial contributions to FLP Disaster Relief will be directly submitted to the Embassy of Pakistan for further utilization by the government's disaster relief agencies in Pakistan or through the "Habib Shelter Relief" which is providing those that have been displaced with blankets and tents.
Understandably, many of you may not know where Pakistan is, but Pakistan and its people know where you are, and have directly stood behind you in your time of need. The people of Pakistan have put themselves in harms way in fighting the global war against terrorism alongside the Americans, not only for Pakistan, but also to protect the democratic way of life: the liberties, freedoms, and justice we all cherish. Additionally, Pakistan catered to the needs of the Hurricane Katrina victims immediately with financial assistance and relief. It is with these words that I leave you to decide whether those that have stood behind you and fought for the ideals you believe in and have sacrificed much for your betterment deserve your help in their time of need. I am hopeful that most, if not all, will contribute to FLP's Disaster Relief efforts in helping the Government of Pakistan save as many lives as possible. Please email me at to contribute to these relief efforts or for any general questions that you may have. Please visit our website for further updates and information about the relief efforts. We will post the amount collected and update regularly.
Checks should be made payable to the "President's Relief Fund" which is to be submitted directly to the Government of Pakistan or to "Misha Habib" for the "Habib Shelter Relief'. All donations made by the community/student organizations and individuals will be announced through the media, Pakistani Embassy's and Future Leaders of Pakistan's website. Please mail the checks to:
Future Leaders of Pakistan
343 Village at Vanderbilt
Nashville, TN 37212



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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