Saghir Aslam’s Update from the Quake Site

This is my third day here after some meetings and visits I thought I better give all of my brothers and sisters an up date right from the scene. This morning we started right after Suhur. I will not write much about Abbotabad Balakot and other places like that as you get those news every day in the media. I am going to share with you some of the remotest places we visited. The places where no one has reached yet. With Allah S.T. blessing we were able to contribute a little. May Allah S.T. accept our efforts.
The first place we went to was Ghari Habibullah, we had one of the active Colonel (Mushtaq) with us, when we arrived in Ghari Habibullah we got hold of another locals person. Under the circumstances the conditions are OK. The Army had set up some tents, different organizations have set up tents and the food was provided to them. This all was very comforting that after these people have lost their homes and many of them have lost loved ones, at least they had a place to stay even though it was only a tent.
From there we proceeded and while driving what looked like approximately 400 ft wide river with very little water in it. More like river for the rain. Lots of heavy stones, we had an excellent driver, he drove for few miles and then he gave up so we had to rent a jeep. Good thing we did because along the way it was very rough then we went up the hills higher and higher. No other vehicle but a jeep would have made it. This was the village called Gul Mehra. There people had no tents; they did receive small amount of food by helicopter. They had some of their loved ones buried alive under the rubble as part of the mountain just came down like land sliding. Our jeep driver had lost three of his children and his home was destroyed. They had no tents and the weather was freezing, it was so cold, I had to wear a sweater, heavy jacket, hat and a muffler. My heart was crying what would these people do at night when it is even colder and when it rains. It was really unbelievable here in the middle of no where, miles away.
Now the good news: I talked to Br. Nasim Ashraf this morning and Insha-Allah he is going to get some food dropped off by helicopter and he is going to work on the tents. At present he has none but there are some volunteers coming from China.
Colonel Mushtaq was really helpful in trying to guide us.
From there, there is another place, Colonel Mushtaq confirmed with us about which jeeps cannot go there so the only way to reach there is walking little over two hours, one way. The story for them was even worse as they had not even received any food.
After a phone call from Br. Safi this morning, I am going to hire some local people, buy some food and basic necessities and Insha-Allah we will provide it to them. We will try to do this as soon as possible.
By the way we got home after midnight. Please pray for us all, Insha-Allah I will keep you posted.
Saghir Aslam
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