PSA Mobilizes to Assist Earthquake Victims

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Fairfax: On October 8, a major earthquake struck Pakistan, killing over 40,000 people and causing millions of dollars in damage to the entire northern region of Pakistan. Many students at George Mason University (GMU) are of Pakistani origin and have family there. This earthquake has caused great grief and has created an immediate urgency in the Pakistani-American community to mobilize fundraisers, clothing drives, and other forms of charity to help people back home.
At George Mason University, the Pakistan Students Association (PSA) has been in constant contact with many concerned Pakistani American citizens in trying to organize relief drives for the victims of the earthquake. The PSA feels it is their obligation to help the victims in Pakistan. While attending classes, working part-time jobs, PSA students have so far collected over $4000 in donations from the community at GMU and is planning to take more action to help aid the victims in Pakistan. The actions include: setting up kiosks at the university to raise awareness and collect donations for the victims, a general supplies drive in the next 2-3 weeks in collaboration with the Human Development Fund (HDF) to collect medicine and clothes among other supplies, a fundraiser dinner on the November 6, and a students-organized charity show on November 20 which will feature the comedian Azhar Usman. The name of this show is “Jazbaï” which will portray the passion these Pakistani students hold for their mother country.

PSA Kiosk

The PSA hopes to create as much awareness in the media as possible to help with its relief efforts to aid victims in Pakistan. Additionally, the PSA would like to garner as many sponsors as possible for the upcoming charity show on the November 20. All proceeds will be sent to the earthquake victims in Pakistan. The PSA is planning to take even more action but needs more awareness and financial help. Although the relief effort will take a long time, the PSA is determined to spend the rest of the year raising money and supplies to help the earthquake victims in Pakistan.



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