CA: Inland Muslims Boost Relief Effort
By Bettye Wells Miller

Inland Muslims will continue raising money for Pakistan earthquake victims during prayer services on Friday as Islamic relief groups in the United States coordinate the delivery of aid to staff and partner agencies in the Himalayan region.
American Muslims, many with family in South Asia, will play an important role in fund-raising for victims of Saturday’s catastrophic earthquake, Inland residents and others said.
“Many people have lost family,” said Shakeel Syed, executive director of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California. “Many have family there who are helping others who have been displaced. And the majority (of Muslims) here are fairly resourceful.”
The Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, an organization of mosques and Islamic centers, has asked members to focus Friday sermons on the role everyone can play in alleviating suffering and to give generously to earthquake-relief efforts.
The council also will sponsor a fundraising dinner on Nov. 13 and will send a delegation of Southern California Muslims to Pakistan later this week to determine what help is needed now and long-term…
Most mosques began raising money immediately, Inland Muslims said.
Many are still raising money for victims of the Gulf Coast hurricanes as well and sent money to relief groups helping tsunami survivors in South Asia.
Southern California Muslims have raised more than $5 million for hurricane victims so far, Syed said.
“It is overwhelming,” Kalim Farooki, chairman of the Islamic Society of Corona-Norco board of trustees, said of the relief need for victims of tsunamis, hurricanes and now the earthquake along the India-Pakistan border. “Life is a test. We should never see this calamity as punishment. It is an opportunity for people with means to help people who are suffering.”
The center has raised several thousand dollars for earthquake victims so far, Farooki said by phone… (Courtesy Press-Enterprise, 10/11/05


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