Washington Interfaith Gathering Raises over $80,000

Washington, DC: Participants in an impressive interfaith gathering raised over $80,000 for victims of the earthquake in Pakistan. The fundraiser was held in a Washington DC suburb Sunday.
The iftar/dinner was hosted by Dr. Aquil ur Rahman at his house in Potomac, Maryland.
Representatives of several Pakistani and Muslim organizations as well as the American Jewish Committee and several Pakistani Americans listened as Dr. Rahman highlighted the needs of the victims of the worst natural disaster in Pakistan. He urged the people to donate generously.
Tom Kahan, a representative of the American Jewish Community, presented a token check to Pakistan Embassy’s Deputy Chief of Mission for the President’s Earthquake Relief Fund. In his remarks, Kahan said the American Jewish community “felt the pain of their cousins, the children of Abraham (AS), and is coming forward to ease the pain of the people of Pakistan.”
Deputy Chief of Mission Mohammad Sadiq urged the community to donate generously. He asked the people to donate tents as Pakistan needs more than 200,000 tents to save the survivors from the worsening weather conditions.
A prominent Muslim American, Mr. Tufail Ahmed, and a representative of the Organization of Pakistani Engineers North America (OPEN), also spoke on the occasion.



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