Rising Leaders to Match the Donations of PSAs Nationwide

Rising Leaders will raise funds to match all contributions made by Pakistani Students Associations to the President’s Relief Fund. A ranked list of schools and how much they have raised, including matched funds, will be maintained at www.embassyofpakistan.org.
Funds may include private and corporate donations.
To have your PSA’s funds matched, mail your check made out to President’s Relief Fund to:
The President’s Relief Fund
C/o Rising Leaders
Congressional House Building
236 Massachusetts Ave, N.E.
Suite 207
Washington, D.C. 20002
Please include a description of what your PSA did to raise funds, and the names and email addresses of the individuals who participated along with the school that you represent.
PSAs are encouraged to send checks frequently so that funds can be transferred to Pakistan. The Embassy’s website will be updated accordingly.
Please direct all questions or concerns to Fauzia Tariq at risingleaders@gmail.com.


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